Baby Chmara!!!

A babies coming!!!! Check out this page for the progress!!


As you know I have LOTS of books already, and to keep myself from buying duplicates I have started a page with all the titles, dorky I know, but what else can you do why you wait for baby :D check it out:

Baby Chmara's Books


Back to the Dr. to make sure all is well, get some more blood drawn and check everything out. Everything is good and up to date! My next appointment is February 19th, 2010 which will be the end of my 1st trimester :D. Here's another ultrasound much closer then the last but not as clear.


My Dr.'s appointment went great. I am 7 weeks and 1 day! Each Tuesday is a new week :D So here's our BEAN!


I was suppose to have my first Doctor's appointment today.. but, the kids had a two hour delay at the Public Schools and I had to drive them. Great Luck I have huh? I have another doctor's appointment set for Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A New Year's Gift!!