Reindeer Candy Cane

Submitted by: Jenny Chmara
Original Idea From: Unknown

What You Need:
Candy cane
2 wiggly eyes per candy cane
1 pipe cleaner per candy cane
Elmer's glue -or- hot glue gun
1 teeny-tiny cotton ball (optional)

How To:
1. Twist pipe cleaner of choice over the top of the candy cane, bend wire according to your taste to make it look like antlers
2. Glue one eyes. Elmer's glue works but it sometimes difficult for children. Hot glue works well, but don't burn yourself. Also, if you intend to eat the candy cane's hot glue may not be the best idea. 3. (Optional) Glue the teeny-tiny cotton ball at the bottom of the candy cane to give it a nose!

Make a whole reindeer family!!
reindeer candy cane
reindeer candy cane

reindeer candy cane