Snowman Ornament

Submitted by: Jenny Chmara
Original Idea From: Seen In a Classroom

What You Need:
1 Piece of White Construction Paper
Snowman Patterns click here to print pattern
Clear Mailing Tape or contact Paper
6 inch Ribbon
2 Wiggly Eyes
Orange Marker/crayon or Construction Paper
Hole puncher
Hanging ribbon, hook or fishing line

How To:
1. Cut Snowman Patterns out on a piece of white construction paper.
2. On a piece of two inch tape sprinkle glitter lightly.
3. Tape or glue the glitter filled tape to the background snowman (the one without the hole)
4. Glue Snowman containing a hole on top, so the glitter can be seen through.
5. Add Nose, eyes and scarf!
6. Punch a hole in the top adding a loop to hang the ornament.

Craft Extension: instead of glitter you could use a photo!