Paper Plate Reindeer

Submitted by: Jenny Chmara
Original Idea From: Kids crafts at work

What You Need:
1 Paper Plate
Reindeer Pattern click here to print pattern
1 Piece of Brown Construction Paper
Brown Paint
2 Wiggley Eyes
1 Large Red/Brown or Black Cotton Ball

How To:
1. Cut your large paper plate in half. Set aside one half. Divide the other half into 3rds, cut and discard the sides. This will be your face.

2. Glue the smaller half onto the top left corner of the flat side of the other paper plate.
3. Paint the paper plates brown.
4. Trace and cut construction paper pieces from the pattern. (or paint the pattern)
5. Once the paint is dry glue on pattern pieces, eyes and nose!
6. Add any personal touches, and you're done!