Jenny's Day

Here you'll learn all about me! I'll write rants, ideas, thoughts, etc. Check back soon for more!!

Me- Jenny C. 10/2008 About Me:

Name: Jenny (Jennifer) Chmara formally Jenny Melson
Age: I'm 28! DOB: 5-28-1981
Location: Chantilly, VA (NOVA) By Washington DC
Hubby: Ehren Chmara Age: 28 DOB: 11-23-1981 Anniversary: October 5, 2008!
Kids: 2 Dogs (Emma, & Harley), & 1 hampster (Lemony Snicket, or "Escape" -said like Dori on Finding Nimo-)
Job: 1 Year Old Teacher in a Learning Center
Music: Country, Comedy, & Rock
Favorite Comedian: Jeff Dunham

Happy New Year!

Southside Jeepers

Soo.. where to start...
Ehren (my husband) belongs to this jeep group called the Southside Jeepers. They are boys (and girls)who love their toys! On Saturday we went with a group of jeepers to some trails north of where we live. It was a blast! Here's a few pictures of the day!

Sooo.. It's Christmas time again and time for Christmas cards. Each year Ehren and I send cards with a family photo inside. In 2006 we went to see Santa at PetSmart (with two dogs) the picture was perfect! In 2007 we tried Santa with three dogs.. that didn't turn out so well but the wonderful Lissa took the perfect family photo outside of PetSmart and we were done.....

This year....
I had a great idea! We covered the couch with a black sheet and set the cameras on timers.. You can see how that turned out...

Christmas Picture Christmas Picture


Soooo.. we tried on the floor...

Christmas Picture Christmas Picture


Needless to say we needed help!!! So we called in reinforcements!
LISSA!!!! Now we have a great picture!!!

Christmas Picture

Ehren's birthday is on the 23rd!!!!

Look!! I convinced Ehren to let me paint his hand and make a handprint turkey too, now we have kissin' turkeys :D

kissin' turkeys

Check this out .. Last week I picked up a plastic bag and accidently hit myself in the eye with it. I thought I was going blind! check out that undilated eye!!

Broken Eye!

Since we've only just met here are a few pictures of Ehren and I. Enjoy!!

Me & Ehren 10/5/2008 Me & Ehren 10/5/2008

Me & Ehren 10/2008